Hugging the Rim

My family loves to hike. Last year we made a trip to the Adirondacks, and did some family hiking up legitimate elevation for the very first time. Because our kids are still very small, we had to carry the two youngest ones on our backs. With all that additional weight, it may have been one of the most difficult hikes of my life. But, the reward was worth it!

Mark Batterson, a pastor and author, tells a great story of hiking the Grand Canyon with his sons. He use this experience as a right of passage for his teenage boys. It took them two days of hard fought hiking, to traverse from one side of the canyon to the other.

To Batterson's surprise, Mark found the hike much more difficult than he expected as an avid climber. When they reached the other rim, this author encountered an interesting sight, different from the breathtaking views that spread out before him. He called them "Rim Huggers."

While he and his sons took in the views between gasps of breath, quick water swigs, and protein bar bites, there was also the people who got out of their air conditioned vehicles and strolled over to the edge in their khakis and saw the exact same  glorious views. 

What was the difference? The hike! Missing the hike is missing the whole experience. Men, today's challenge for you. God has build each of you uniquely with a desire for the epic. We believe that chics dig scars, and that strong men respect a firm handshake. 

Men, don't miss the hike! Don't miss out on raising your kids to understand the beautiful mystery of the Gospel. Don't miss the hike! Don't miss out on banding together with other men to lead Christ's bride; the Church to a place of unity, relevancy, and vibrancy. Men, the time is now. Are you a "Rim Walker" or a Rim Hiker?"

Pastor Milo

What Adults Can Learn From A Child's Snow Day

This week in a kid's life was incredible! Monday was a half day for parent-teacher conferences, Tuesday was a snow day, Wednesday was a snow day, Thursday was a full day of school, and Friday is off for a teacher workday. For a kid, it just doesn't get a whole lot better than that!

This particular storm was forecasted way out in advance. However, for our kids, similar forecasts have come and gone and yet they haven't had a day off of school in the Buffalo - WNY region in almost 2 years. The 1st grader next door had never experienced a snow day at all since she started school.

As an adult, I don't get as excited about the possibility of snow as the rest of my household. However, this was a great reminder to see life through the eyes of a child. In fact, Scripture tells us to "grow up" spiritually to the point that we have the faith of a child. Interesting isn't it?

You see, the return of Christ has been forecasted for 2,000 years. Yet, we tend to think about the coming of our Savior with the ho-hum approach of tax day on the horizon. Like a child watching the evening news report with sudden interest, checking their parent's smart phone weather app incessantly, or looking out the window every 20 minutes hoping for flurries in the sky, we are told to live in anticipation for the arrival of King Jesus for His bride, the Church.

How prepared are you? Do you have your "play clothes" ready at the door?

It will happen in a moment, in the blink of an eye, when the last trumpet is blown... 1 Corinthians 15:52.

Pastor Milo