Babies, Babies Everywhere!

For those of you who may not be regular attenders at Ridgeview, we are growing are growing our church ow way or another. In December, our student minister David Roberts had their baby boy Jonathan. 2 weeks ago, The Caubles had their baby AnnMarie, and this weekend Tommy and Tanya have had Landon. All that being said, my wife and I are due to have a baby boy/girl on May 22nd, and our drummer Will and his wife are due December-ish. What a spring!

We got our first note home for our 18 month old from Ridgekidz this last Sunday. I loved it! It went something like this: "I had a disagreement with one of my friends today. I talked a lot of smack, but couldn't back it up. My friend beat the tar out of me, but my teacher poured rubbing alcohol all over me to clean my wounds. I am feeling ok now."

So I exaggerated it a little bit... ...I still think it was funny. New lives are so exiting, and young children are so much fun to have around. I don't expect I could ever get tired of the miracle of new life.


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