Church, Life, and LTGs

I am going to spend my efforts blogging some of my daily concerns and issues for all the world to see. As you will notice, this page did once function as the Ridgeriderz blog, but that has moved to It is my intent to discuss some of the struggles, concerns and joys of doing this thing we call church. We have been in existence for 3 1/2 years, and I have been on staff for a full year now. As you will see, I am particularly fond of talking about LTG's. What is an LTG you might ask? It is a Life Transformation Group of 2-3 people of the same sex that meet together once a week to talk about the 20 chapters or so of scripture they read that week, and the general concerns they have about walking theough life in a Godly way. Believe me, we spend a large ammount of time talking about "ungodly" things, but this is because it is these areas of real life that we are battling through the hardest. Continue to read my posts, and I will continue to landmark the growth process God is putting me through...


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