If we are the body...

I love the Casting Crown's song: If we are the body I feel as though God is trying to teach me something about this concept. This morning, as I scurried to get though my reading for my LTG, I read Paul's discourse on subject in 1 Corinthians. As I read Paul's words, I became very conscious of the throbbing pain in my right hand ring finger. You see, I damaged it in a flag-football game last Saturday, and it has really bothered me a great deal. It may be broken, or just dislocated. My plan is to see if the swelling goes down after another day or so, if not I will go to the Hospital. Paul's analogy is very real to me right now. I cannot seem to function properly with something as simple as a busted finger. I have trouble holding my daughter, typing, putting my car in gear, or even reaching for my wallet. when the church body has an ailment, it functions in the same way. When my brain tries to tell me "your finger hurts" my willpower says "its no big deal, lets just overlook it." But I can't. So it is with the church. As leaders, we see "there may be someone hurting," but time constraints tell us to "overlook it, its no big thing." Look out, it might become a real swollen mess!


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