define church growth

From day one, church growth for Ridgeview has been measured by the question "have you bought any land?" Ron Geyer, a close friend and church architect has a great blog on the subject.

We are in a great situation right now, with adequate space. Don't get me wrong, having our own facility where we don't have to setup every Sunday morning would be a huge relief. However, I really think there is a great value in people working to meet each week. There is a level of ownership that cannot be matched once a building has been established for 10-15 years.

Don't hear me saying "I don't want to move on," because that is the least thing from my mind. I am certain God has a great plan for us, but it doesn't take many phone calls to realize how immediately expensive it can be to rent a storefront with comparable square footage, or make minimum payments on a land purchase with no building whatsoever. We have been blessed with what we have!


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    Thanks for the visit...and the comments. Don't underestimate the value of the time you spend in the "misery" of overcrowding. I remember hearing John Maxwell speak at ERBC on "Leadership in the Desert." His point was that in wishing for a solution to our challenges (lack of space, resources, volunteers) we can miss what God is doing in those circumstances to hone our values and expectations. We've heard this before applied to our personal life, but it's just as applicable to organizational life and can be particularly appropriate in helping us realize the difference between what we want and need in a facility. Ron Geyer