NYC Mission trip day 2-3

We are having a great time in NYC. I am very happy with the work we are doing, and the lessons we are learning in servant evangelism. The painting project takes most of our day, and we are tired when it is completed. This school was built in the 70's, but neglect of the building makes it look even older. We are painting a baby blue color throughout the hallways, and up to this point in the classrooms as well. Yesterday we came in to find that we had painted too much, too fast. 3 classrooms were blue that had been designated as yellow. It was a good lesson in humility, because had left the night before bragging about the number of rooms we finished with such a small team compared to the others. Fortunately, just as we began the process of taping the room off to paint over the blue with yellow, they decided to leave them blue, and make this a blue hall, rather than a yellow one. We have a ton to do before we leave, but I am very happy with the quality of work I see our team doing. I think it is a great testimony to the mentality of service that drives Ridgeview every Sunday.


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