Are You Impressed?

Walking through NYC over the last week I noticed something that may seem superficial, but it has humbled me. There are thousands of people there, in front, behind, and all around you. I came to the realization no one is impressed with how “cool” your clothes are. In the ultimate melting pot, there was such a variety of styles and cultures that the attention was pulled away from it all together. My tendency is to believe that everyone is watching, and concerned with, my every move. What I wear, what I say, and who I talk to. No one is impressed. I have carried these insecurities over into how I present to gospel. I get the idea that the unbeliever will be impressed with my “slick” presentation. They never even noticed. When someone responds to Christ it is him that they are pursuing not me. God has taught me this: Get the hell out of the way. My actions/motives are more like Satan when I have this attitude than they are like the mind of Christ.

Over the past few weeks, I have learned that I have been slowing God down – now I‘m learning how to watch Him work. They are not impressed by me, and neither is God...

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  1. Hey, that was thought-provoking and honest. A worthy read. ttyl. In Christ-Gal.2:20, David