The Daisy Mae

As some of you already know, our family is having a tough time getting through the loss of our faithful dog Daisy Mae. She was killed by a car sometime last Wed 2 houses down from ours. First of all, let this be a lesson to anyone reading this blog... if you hit a dog, you KNOW you hit a dog! Why don't you STOP and check it out. If the dog has a collar and a phone # CALL the number! That is why people put their phone# on a collar.

Daisy was hit sometime early in the morning, and it wasn't until our neighbor came home from work that I finally got a call. I know she wasn't hit intentionally. I know she probably ran out in front of you. SHE was at fault, not YOU. She is a dog, I get it. But she meant a lot to us. So now, when my 2 yr old daughter asks if Daisy is outside we just say "yes." Because she is out there, right under the tree in our backyard.

So, if you feel bad for us, and want to send us flowers - save yourself the trouble and just send money... that will cheer us up quicker :)


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