Sweeping her off her feet.

Do you ever wish that your marriage had the same sparkle it did years ago? I am coming up on being married for 6 years, and I have to say they have been fantastic! I spent the last week driving down memory lane, helping my wife's parent move from thier home of 30 years. Guess what they had? All kinds of incriminating details of my terrible attempts at chivalry in my high school years with thier daughter.

I'm sure I thought I was smooth at the time, but I've learned somewhere along the way that popouri from the $1 store for a birthday present somehow doesn't cut it. Nor does a book given to me by a teacher (with a note to me written inside) have the same effect when I give it to my girlfriend as a gift for graduation. (Writing "I signed it on the 2nd page" below my teacher's note somhow doesn't cut it.

Oh, and the sweeping off of her feet? I bounced my wife's head off of the doorframe on our wedding night as I clumsily stumbled through. NICE...


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