A song that makes me laugh - WOT IS NOG?

I used to have a neighbor who moved away from where he used to live which was right across the road from me where he wrote songs and music in his spare time from being a math teacher which I'm sure he was very good at but I just knew him as my neighbor when he watched my dog Daisy when I was away from my house and at my families place which he never came to or even knew where I went even though we talked quite a bit about this and that and nothing at all he and his wife were very kind to us and very pleasant to talk to even though they didn't own a TV or like football or basketball they loved music and I'm sure that they still do because he writes a lot of it and uses really cool keyboards and instruments from they 80's which are very much not part of the digital age they are more of an analog feel than digital ones which means they have a very high degree of adjustabilility depending on whether you know what you are doing or not and Shelby my neighbor knows what he is doing when he writes my new favorite Christmastime funny song entitled WOT IS NOG listen to it here

OK, so enough of this ridicules sentence. His music is very intriguing to me. I love how he puts music together, and his originality in his lyrics. Happy listening!


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