I don't know how many of you have really looked into what Hillsong does in Australia, but it is really amazing. Today I helped my wife Erin upload a Hillsong Kids DVD into media shout for our kids program entitled The Summit. It is really awesome stuff! I mean, they do everything top notch. I'm not sure how many people realize that Hillsong now offers college clsses, and the opportunity to study abroad. It is just unreal!

So what is the draw, why are they able to do so many things so well? First of all, I think they have aimed for excellence in everything they do. They don't put out anything that is sub-par from what they hold as a standard. Also, they have not done too much too soon. In the past year, a number of CD's and DVD's have been released. But they didn't do all of that for a long time. The church has been around for like 20 years. I can fall into the trap of over-committing myself in expectations todayof what someone else did in 20 years. I need to learn from these guys.


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