Can a CD change your life?

Music is a very powerful tool. I have to believe this to be a worship leader. I find that there is a ton of pressure on me when I am leading a service where I only get one or two songs to lead. Preperation for this type of service requires many more hours of planning than that of a typical service.

That being said, I can't really say that any one worship song has changed my life. This may sound ironic, because worship songs are what I play every week, and basically every time I step in front of a mic.

Here are two CD's however that have really effected me deeply. The first one is entitled Behold the Lamb of God. It is a Christmas CD by Andrew Peterson skillfully written to tell the story of Christmas through the scope of the hopelessness the Old Testament Law had created for the Hebrew people. Jesus was the Messiah, but his birth didn't look and act like they thought it should. The second is Mockingbird by Derek Webb. His writing is passionate and heartfelt, while dealing with very current issues and concerns he points back to Jesus and His ministry.

I am changed from listening to each of these CD's. My journey has lead me to a place where I am not sure that we (Christians) are so different today from the religious leaders of Jesus' day. These musicians challenge me to ask questions before trying to limit Jesus to my ways, and my plans. Check them out, and support them by buying their stuff!


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