Do we have to go to church?

I had family in town over the weekend, and it was so good to see them. Really, they don't come to see us anymore but for our two little girls. I suppose I should feel bad about that, but I don't because it means Erin and I can go do something without having to pay for a babysitter.

Last night we got talking about church, which is normal for my family. We complain a lot about this and that, and then we tried to tell each other why church is so important. It is days like this that I find myself defined by hypocrisy.

Here is all I was able to come up with after our conversation. If all we do at church is complain about each other, why bother going at all? What is the benefit of going to church, if the people there are less loving than the people in your subdivision?

What do we do when our people (Christians) are burned out on our people? (Christians) Where did Jesus go when he was burned out on "church?"


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