March Madness Eggstravaganza

Today was an awesome day in the life of Ridgeview. We hosted an Easter March Madness 3 on 3 Tourney. It was so much fun. Let me confess to you that for some reason the Braketology of the Men's NCAA Tournament get me exited about doing brackets. Here are my standings by the way... Clemson cost me big, but I called the Duke upset, so I am still alive. I am the WhiteBoyWitFantsyBBallSkilz

Back to what I was saying about doing brackets. I Love It. Putting teams in thier slots, and figuring out game times and court locations with little or no prep time because of the pickup nature of our Tourney was awesome. I intend to have some highlight videos for you soon, but here are your winners:

Rainbow Hoopsters
Team A
The Woods


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