Pride vs Humility - on a MTB

So we went to the Student Life tour this weekend with 5 guys and really had a blast doing it. The speakers were great,the music was loud, and the dramas were intense! The schedule gave us a 2 hour time block for lunch on Saturday afternoon, but we had to go out and get it on our own.

I received an email from Chic-fil-a about a week before the tour letting us know that they would provide lunch at Miliken in a field where kids could play Frisbee or football if we wanted to pay $5 for it. Well, this gave me a brilliant idea. Right next to the Miliken plant there is a 7 mile Mountain Bike (MTB) trail which is fairly easy for beginners, yet challenging for advanced riders if they really push it an ride fast. I decided to work it out where I brought 4 bikes on our vehicle, and had a friend bring another 4 so that all of my guys could get a bike and do this thing.

These guys were not good. They fell all over the place. They walked up all of the hills. They complained about the rain. They would keep their helmets on. They also walked across this narrow footbridge over a creek which can be ridden very easily.

One of the kids asked Tracy, (the other guy who brought bikes for me) who was better on a bike - him or me. Tracy puffed me up real good when he said "Aw man, Milo is waaaay better!"

So there is a verse in Proverbs that says: Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall... you get where I am going with this right?

I fell off that footbridge trying to ride across. I have never fallen off of it before - I doubt it will ever happen again. But yesterday I fell off a bridge and looked like a big loser in front of all my guys. Not because they saw it happen. Nope, no one saw it but me and God. It was like God was saying: "Nice bike skills Milo, but next time keep your pride in check - WAM!" Next thing I know, I'm bleeding all over the place, my bike is twisted in half, meanwhile my 7th grader rides peacefully along with noticing a thing.

I love all of my 5 readers very much so I'm not gonna lie to you. It really hurt - and I am really sore. Keep your pride in check!


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