Short Cut Capos and Cabbage Patch Kids

Some of you know that I have recently picked up playing the guitar. Now I have heard for years that it was so easy to play, and I needed to just break down and take the time to do it. I have played bass for like 7 years or something, piano as long as I can remember, and sax since elementary school. Guitar should be a breeze right? Well the first step in actually learning to play the guitar is to actually own one.

For me, this happened about 5 years ago. (Yes, I have had a guitar that I could not play at all for 5 years.) My neighbor had a garage sale, and his son who was home from college had a guitar for sale. No one wanted this thing. It was as ugly as ugly gets. Most of you have heard of cabbage patch kids, right? Well, I only vaguely remember this, but there was a spin-of from that called garbage pail kids. They had names like Armless Aaron, Adam Bomb, and Warty Morty. This guy was in an 80’s cover band, and he had put these Garbage Pail Trading cards all over the guitar, and put a thick layer of decoupage over it. It was ugly! But, it was a Takamine ef350mc guitar, and it came with mic pickups. I have seen the same guitar sold on ebay since from 400 to even 750 dollars. So Erin and I bought it for 70 bucks, with a hard case worth 150 dollars by itslef, in hopes we could remove all of the decoupage. Erin did it while I was at work the next day, just hours and hours of peeling it back with a razorblade. It came out pretty good! The shiny finish is long gone, but it is a great guitar for what we paid for it.

Anyway, I finally set down for about two weeks in January, and learned how to play this thing. Like everyone said, it really isn’t that hard. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not stunning the world with my mad riffs, or sick sweep techniques. But I can lead worship music! Just this week, I have been experimenting with the cut capo. Now that thing is cool… Worship leaders, what kind of cheats do you use?

Anyone a Garbage Pail fan?


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