Unleash - 10 Steps to Blogging BFFs

These were taken directly from my notes in Tony Morgan's communications/blogging breakout.

10 Steps to Blogging BFFs (Best Friends Forever for those of you who are text messaging illiterate)

1 Determine your primary audience
2 Post regularly (almost daily)
3 Keep your posts short (people are busy)
4 Don't sell yourself short (be real, be honest)
5 Use humor (dig yourself instead of others)
6 Stop attacking other people and their ministries
7 Remember that blogging isn't private (someone might actually read what you write)
8 Be a thought leader (give us your thoughts, not someone else's)
9 Don't listen to your critics
10 Reveal the real you (do duct tape if that's what you know)

A second list of ten I find very interesting is Tony's 10 Easy Ways to Keep Me from Visiting Your Church Because I Visited Your Website you should definitely read this guy!


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