Cooper River Bridge Run or Cooper River Bridge Race?

Pudge at Newspring church had a post about this earlier today, so I decided to follow suit on the subject. First of all, this guy has a great blog!

My wife Erin attended his breakouts while we were at the Unleash conference, and really likes what is happening in their church's children's ministry - particularly their decision to only do the weekend experience, and drop things like VBS when it begins to detract from what is happening each weekend. So that is how I came across his blog... ...about the race.

My wife, my sister Rahel and I will be runnning in the Cooper River Bridge Run for the first time ever. Erin has run in a few races over the last year, but this will be my first ever. I was in the Marine Corps, and now do a ton of biking, but this running thing for fun is a killer.
Personally, I can't really run very will with an Ipod. My first problem is that I do not own one. So when I say "run with an Ipod" I really mean "run with my armband FM radio." So perhaps that is part of the problem. But to me, the most important thing when running with an Ipod is to run with all songs with a similar beat or cadence. Once you decide where your pace is, I definitely need to pick all songs that are at the same pace. If not, every time "Eye of the Tiger" comes around I will accelerate like a fat kid walking up on a free pizza giveaway. Then when Boyz II Men kick into "50 Candles" my pace will drop like wounded bird. Its all about consistency, and right now I don't have it!
Here is my dilemma... when you run a "race" with your wife, do you actually "race?" I see myself as having these options: (1)stay with her through the entire race (2) run with her for the "quality time" and then leave her with a mile to go (3)hope her great training, and my lack of training all-together doesn't mean she will leave me with 2 miles to go

I need a plan going into this thing... ...what is your strategy?


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