Greenville is Still Growing!

I had the pleasure of being involved in a Vision Tour of Greenville County put on by the South Carolina Baptist Convention about a month ago. While the news of a nationwide market recession rings loud in our ears every day, this vision tour showed us community after commmunity booming with growth. Granted, the housing market has slowed - but we put the blame elsewhere. I was at a town meeting recently where congressman Bob Inglis talked about the nation's economy. He summed up our local housing market like this. People want to move to Greenville. They have a home in mind, they have the money to pay for it, and they have a job here to support their family. However, they have a house in Florida, California, or Michigan that they cannot sell. This keeps them from buying as quickly here.

On the vision tour I had the pleasure of meeting Travis Holmes. God has goven this guy a white hot desire for a church in the rapidly growing Simpsonville area of Greenville County. I ate lunch with him yesterday, and he just ooses with vision for Thrive church. But church planting is tough! Travis gets it. Many churches don't get past year 3 because they don't do things right in year 1. He understands that he may have a difficult 1-2 years ahead before Thrive ever has a Sunday morning worship service. He is investing in people before a steeple.

Here is a man of God who needs your prayers, your kind words, and your financial support. And, by all means if you live in Simpsonville, consider being part of Thrive. The sonic boom of population in Greenville needs a boom of relevant, enagaging churches to boom along with it.

Be a part.

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