Questions I was NOT asked this week

These questions have NOT come up.

1. Did you finish the race before your wife?
2. Where were you Sunday?
3. Why haven't you posted in 10 days?
4. Did you shave your beard?
5. Where were you wed night?
6. Did you take a vacation?
7. Do you have a tan?
8. Do you need that money I owe you?
9. Why did Will teach at Student meeting?
10. Why did Chris lead music?

But these ones did.

1. Why are the house lights off again?
2. Can you have your rehearsal done 30 min early?
3. Can you be at a meeting at 4:00?
4. Do you have music for next week?
5. Blah blah .... whatever... blah

I had a great week away! It is good to be back.


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