a guide to sleeping in a seminary via {the paper mirror} by aaronivey.com

Aaron Ivey is the lead singer for a cool band called spur58 I found this hillarious post on his blog Enjoy!

tonight, we played at Southwestern Theological Seminary in Ft Worth, Texas. this is the first time we’ve played music at a seminary. there were some really great college students here this weekend for the conference. we had a great weekend.they actually have a hotel on-site, which is where we stayed tonight. i thought i’d give you a play-by-play guide to properly using a seminary hotel room.first, locate the seminary bath robe which is adorned with the blue logo as well as handcrafted blue trimmings on the edges. also take special notice of the matching seminary slippers.

take full advantage by wearing the majestic robing.

find a mirror (several to choose from) and heroically pose with your new attire.

next, take advantage of the incredible reading material which is conveniently located around the hotel room.

lastly, practice….

this concludes this week’s guide to “sleeping in a seminary.”next week, tune in for a special addition of “a guide to sleeping in your neighbor’s bedroom when they’re out of town on vacation.”


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