Worship Leaders - Do you think about the words?

One of my greatest challenges is putting together worship services each Sunday. The actual selection of songs I mean. There is the putting together of a song itself, in how the drums will enter, how the guitar solo will finish, or if the horns will be used this week or not. These are all secondary to the first question. What songs should we play?

The following questions need to be answered.

Does the worship set flow musically (key signatures - G to Em)
Does the set flow emotionally (tempo - 2 songs back to back at 120bpm)
Does the set flow visually (too many moving parts can be a huge distraction)
Does the set fit in with the message? (what is the one thing everyone should leave with at the end of the service? - prayer works, God heals, friends love)
Does the set flow theologically (do all the songs talk about the same character trait of God - should they?) What do the words say?

Worship leaders - The only thing that separates our music from everyone else is the lyrics. Songs can have funky beats, kicking guitar riffs, or heavy organ chords - but all of that can be found elsewhere in the music world. If you are choosing song sets based on Fast, Fast, Slow or Major, Major, Minor - You are not doing your job.

Don't be a lazy leader. Do your homework. Agonize over a 2 song set. Can these two songs flow in many of the above ways? Think of the people in the seats. They need time to learn new songs. They need songs in keys easy to sing. They want to worship too. Fight the urge of doing what you have always done. Fight the urge to do something new every week. Struggle.


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