Are you dedicated to customer satisfaction?

I told Tommy about this the other day, so I thought I would pass it on to you.

I picked up lunch one day from A&W/Long John Silver. I like to order the Papa burger meal there with a Root Beer... a classic combo that hits the spot every time. I made my order from the drive-through

This day, I received my bag and the whole order is wrong. There was like a chili dog in there with a pie or something. The girl quickly realizes she had given my meal to the driver ahead of me.

This driver had not left the parking lot yet. He was an old dude with bushy eyebrows, no hair on his head to speak of, but had hair coming out both his nose and his ears. Instead of driving off, he had pulled into a parking space, then walked next door to a hardware store on the other side of the plaza.

The cashier sees this, asks me to pull forward and wait a moment, then walks over to his truck - sees that it was locked, then took off across the parking lot after him.

By this time, he had already disappeared into the store - didn't faze this girl a bit. She came back with him a few minutes later. I can only assume he had a box of nails or a a power drill in his hand when she comes in, makes eye contact with him and says: "you are gonna have to come with me." I don't know how she did it, be he came out.

He was obviously annoyed, but she marched him over to his truck with the A&W uniform (greasy polo shirt) as her authority, her over-sized headset (with the cool buttons on the side of her ear) as her weapon. She switched the bags back to their rightful owners (me), and took the next order from the drive through line at the same time.

Now that, my friends is dedication!


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