I got ripped off on guitar strings

I typically but my strings from Target.

Yes I know, this is my first mistake. However, they are open much later, are cheap, and are always in stock.

OK, so they break easily too... but this is where I go, (or have until now) to get strings.

I bought a new pack of strings today for 7 bucks. When I get home I realize that the package has already been opened. Some schmuck has put his used strings back into the pack, and returned them to Target! Are you kidding me? If this guy needed new strings, doesn't he think someone else is needed them too? What did the 7 bucks buy him, a Big Mac? What am I supposed to do with corroded, rusty, nasty strings? I'm disgusted over the whole thing. I threw them in the trash. And no, I don't intend on getting my 7 bucks back. Why bother?


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