If you can't run with the big dogs...

I have had to put together our film footage for the One Prayer series continuing this Sunday. This is a really cool project launched by lifechurch.tv to help unite the Church as a whole. To my knowkedge, there are now close to 1500 churches who will be involved over the next four weeks in the one prayer effort. Great communicators from all over the country have submitted video versions of sermons, giving what they see as the one prayer for the Church, which any church can download and use for their worship time that weekend.

Sounds cool right? It is! For example, we will be using videos from Craig Groeschel, Perry Noble, and Ed Young Jr. All fantastic communicators.

Because this is open and free to any church however, there are some yee haws out there who have also submitted videos for everyone out there to use. Come on, who are we kidding? You really think that you got something to say more worthwhile then the big dogs? Will even 1 church download your sermon?

Ok, now for the mirror check.

Why do we... ok why do I feel the need to compete in church work?
Why do smaller churches like ours exist?
Do I have to put out a CD to be a good Worship Leader?
Why should people with blogs that have hundreds of readers rather than thousands continue to post?
By what ruler have we... have I begun to measure the effectiveness of my own ministry?


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