Mega Sports Camp has begun!

We fired up Mega Sports Camp last night, and it was incredible. This is not VBS! We have had to tell our people this again and again. This is a honest-to-goodness sports camp. We have coaches who are very very good at what they do. Our huddle coach volunteers are just oozing with energy. You should see these guys!

From a leadership perspective I have learned a ton over the last month from my wife Erin about equipping volunteers and pre-planning an event. She really has built an army of volunteers for this like we have never had before at Ridgeview.

You should consider doing something like this at your church! We had 57 kids last night for the opening night, and we expect to see many more throughout the week.

We will certainly share the gospel with the kids by the end of the week, but really we want to give them what they came for... a high level of training in the sport they want to play (basketball, baseball, soccer, cheer-leading). We are not luring them in with promise of sports, then boring them with Bible studies. We are confident that if they have a great athletic experience that they will return to Ridgeview in the future to experience the rest of what we do.

Come by this week and check us out!

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  1. I think that was a knock to our teaching volunteers. We are certainly not boring kids with Bible stories. The kids were on the edge of their seats watching Chris demonstrate strengths vs. weaknesses. We have some truly amazing teachers at Ridgeview. Many thanks to Beth and Chris for making this part of camp awesome!