My New Play It Again Sports Bike

Erin and I were driving around on Saturday, and I randomly convinced her to swing by Play it again sports to look for a road bike for her. To make a long story short, we bought a TREK 1200 in great shape for $199. It is a bit older bike than the one in the picture, but in great condition. It has Shimano 105 shifters on the downtube, which is very old school, and different to get used to.

We got home, and soon found that really the bike frame was really too large for Erin, and therefore I had just bought myself another bike. My Mongoose Pro Morzine was a great buy a year ago, but it has been a little too small for me. We spent some time while the girls were napping switching some things over, and decided to take them out for a spin.

As a side story, Erin has recently fallen in love with Craig's list. She was able to find someone in town that wanted to even swap our single bike trailer for a double for a double bike trailer/combo jogger unit. Nice work Erin!

Erin has never ridden a road bike, but she wanted to go to our freinds the Turner's who live about 10 miles away. (10.2 miles we found out) The new TREK is only a double, where the Mongoose is a triple. This would be the first time I had ever pulled the girls in anything other than a moutain bike. It soon became the equalizer between Erin and I.

We flew along, but I was hurting the whole way. What a workout! We got up to 34mph on some of the downhills, but climbing was painful. When it was all said and done, we averaged out at 12mph, Erin loves her new bike, and I like the bigger frame size much better. I got used to the different shifters, and to pulling the extra weight. We barely made it home before dark, I was exhausted, and loved every minute of it.

Look out world! After I get used to training with the trailer, imagine what I can do after unhooking it!


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