Going to a Blog format for the church website

I am sorry I have been away from the blog for a few days. I have been doing some research in the website development department. We are considering a blog format for our entire church website. Is this a good/bad idea? Do you personally know of any sites that are doing this? Link me up!


  1. not done it yet, but I've wanted to do this with our church website for a while. i never got the go-ahead and then I got distracted from it. but tony morgan had a great post about using wordpress for a church website the other day (which I found suprising because when I emailed him a year ago to ask his opiinion about using a blog format for a church website, he didn't think it was a good idea). anyway, from my initial research it would be very cheap and could look good. anything would look better than the website my church currently has. hopefully we will be able to do it. let me know what you find out. i'll do the same. we'll share over lunch at mr. salsa's.

  2. There is definitely great scope for blog, or blogs, which are part of a church website, whether it be the pastor and his personal view of things, or members blogging, for instance, on issues relating to the community rather than the church - this latter can draw in people who then may move to other parts of the church site.

    This community strategy is explained in the video seminar we have
    and is also discussed in our church website design self-assessment tool.