Raising the roof - via Rhett Burns

by Rhett Burns
So here is what North Greenville University, my alma mater and place of employment, looks like after a bad storm on Monday:

(There used to be a roof on this building)
Please pray for our school. It is especially hard, I’m sure, for our President, Dr. Jimmy Epting. He preached his father’s funeral on Sunday and on Monday night finds two buildings on campus with no roof. The damage could be anywhere from half a million to a million dollars in damages. That is a tough couple of days.
Thank God that none of the roughly 800 Centrifuge campers were injured. Apparently, at the time of the storm many were scheduled to be in classrooms on the top floor of one of the buildings. But praise God for a worship service that went too long that kept all of the campers in the chapel. Safely in the chapel.
Here’s the leadership question, though: What will you do when disaster strikes? Are you spiritually ready? It may be a building destroyed. It may be a marriage. It may be a job loss. It may be the loss of the life of a friend. Who is your trust? Who is your strength? What will you do?


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