Welcome Jeremy to the blogging world!

My best friend and best man in my wedding (6.5 years ago btw) Jeremy Bohall has just started a blog . Here is why you must read what he has to say.

1. He was a spiritual leader to me and many other guys at a young age of 19-20 in a very tough place to be so. (The USMC)

2. He has personally lived in both the camps of true conservatism, and authentic liberalism to be keenly aware of the positive influences and negative drawbacks of each.

3. He is currently living in the Eastern European country of Croatia as a missionary. He has bought into the cause so much, that he has married Petra, a Croatian-American and they are having their first child this fall together.

4. He plays a mean trombone

rss readers see video here

(No that is not Jeremy, but it is a trombone player)


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