Customer service strikes again

This is what was in my inbox this morning... can someone tell me what I'm supposed to do with it? I mean other than wiping, or blowing my nose in it, or warming my hands over it. I am all about computerized service.

I am a big fan of the UScan line at the grocery store. Why should I wait in line for some 15 yr old to slide my items down the line, and pop their gum at me? Especially because I pay with a card. Then the cashier gives me the I-know-I-don't-have-any-reason-to-be-here-but-I-am-still-getting-payed-to-push-the-register-back-in-when-it-pops-out look. So I prefer to scan them myself. But this is when automated computer service goes wrong.

Dear nathan wilson,
Your Order #08083930 was cancelled today.

Sincerely yours,
Customer Service xxxxx Inc.

Your referrals are always important to us!

Are you kidding me!

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  1. Good stuff. Looks like you're out of town. I was looking forward to playing some soccer with you tonight. Next time!