Reading a Friend's Blog

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Jeremy's blog. There is something enjoyable about reading into the life of someone you know and care about already. Blogs are peculiar like that. They give you the opportunity to see someones personal journal.

This may be someone who you have never met, but feel like you understand pretty well because of the content they produce on their blog. Someone like that for me is Tony Morgan. I know who he is, I have listened to his talks live in person in the past, and I feel as though I have gotten to know him better through reading his posts.

But reading a friends blog is a whole different experience. You already know the background. You already know their heart, so when they post about their pet peeves, their favorite foods, or about their loving spouse... you know the background. It makes reading all that much sweeter.

Who is your close friend who blogs?

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  1. Thanks for the plug! Besides yours the only other personal blog I read is my friend Laci's. If you want an idea of what a Hungarian's life is like in Croatia check out his blog at:
    He keeps it short but sweet.