Worship Leader Needed in the Greenville Area

My buddy Travis is really looking for a worship leader next weekend. If you would be able to help, he would appreciate it greatly. Also, I also want to personally recommend Travis and Thrive Church to any of you who may be feeling called into a young church plant like I was two years ago. There is an ever present need for new churches to be formed, and yes, that does include the "Bible Belt" as well. Every Sunday, 40% of Upstate SC are still unchurched. The fields are white unto harvest. Are you a laborer?

Here is his note to me

Hey Milo, just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed hanging out with you guys on Wed. I love it every time I am around ya’ll. You guys are the real deal. Also, I wanted to follow up with you about a couple of things we talked about. I need someone who could lead a worship set for me at our Survivor student retreat next Friday night 8/8 at 9:09. If you know anyone who could help me out that would be awesome! I also would love for you to get the word out, and intro anyone you might know to me, who might be interested in helping to launch Thrive in the capacity of worship leader. I trust your judgment very much!Thanks so much Milo!

OK readers, now its your turn! Don't let me down!


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