...another beautiful bike to tell you about

So this little beaut has been my ride to work for the past week. My buddy Ryan affectionately calls it the liquorcycle. Here is why I am riding it. Since Austin and Eve joined our commune, they noticed that everything we need is within a 2 mile radius from our home. If homeless guys and bag ladies can ride to work, why can't I do it? Especially if I am going to call myself a cyclist.

As I have talked about on here before, I do have a nice bike that I could ride each day. However, I have found it to be too difficult on a day to day basis to put on the tight shorts and clicking shoes and a backpack. This ghetto bike is most definitely a beater. I am proud to say that 5 dumpster bikes are represented in its current formation. And although it is probably the heaviest thing I have ever pedaled, I have enjoyed pedaling to and from work, the grocery store, and Phil's music. Also, if it does get stolen, or if I get hit by a car, the loss is not too great.

But when I strap my helmet on, and fill by crate full of gear I am looking pretty styling let me tell you. Yet, my truck has not moved in 4 days. I am getting unbelievable gas mileage. Pretty sweet deal huh?


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