Great publicity, or an intentional evangelism strategy?

Let me let you in on a debate going on inside of my head. I find myself working on a monthly basis sending out emails to newspapers, T-shirt designers, stick sign and banner printers, and the bulk mail department of the post office. We do everything we can to get the word out, and try to do so with excellence.

When do I focus on giving God our very best, and when do I focus on being a good steward with the finances put in my care by the church?

How much of publications is an effort to stay relevant with society, (which means a high quality brochure, website, or business card) and how much should be about evangelism in a traditional sense?

Is a mailer that reaches 10,000 people as much of an outreach to the community as doing yard work at 4 homes in the community?

Is an event a success if 90% of the people it attracts do not attend out church, but we never see them again?

Or, is an event a success if 90% of the people is attracts already attend our church, but .5% of them stick around for a while?

I can weigh my positives out on both sides of the balance...

All questions and no answers here... you got any feedback?

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  1. Just a thought:

    We were studying Matthew 5 the other day as a youth group. One of the youth pointed to the fact that it was the crowds who came to Jesus before he gave his famous "sermon on the mount" - not the other way around. Yes, Jesus was available, but the crowds came to him. From then on Jesus met the needs of the people, but never did he seek them out. The people with needs knew where to come and once they came, he met those needs.

    Perhaps that's relevant to the question you (and I) have asked. If the church is in the community, doing things, reaching people's needs - the community will see that and want to be part of it. The question then changes from "how do we advertise our church?" to "how do we meet the needs of the people who are coming to us?"

    Certainly just one answer to what should be an ongoing discussion. Good questions!