Printing to a PDF File

I have been asked by a few people to send them sheet music, graphic designs, or other files that I have in program specific files. Some examples of this might be Finale, Sibelius, Publisher, or CCLI Song Select.
I was introduced to a printer driver a while back called PDF995. With this driver, I am able to make a pdf file of anything that I might print, whether it is from a program, or from a website, to a pdf file. This works beautifully if you are trying to send an email to someone without your program, because they can always read a pdf file.
If not, Acrobat Reader is Free for them to download as well. I still use the free version of PDF995, although it is a bit annoying to see some pop up adds, I don't feel like paying the $20 bucks for the full version. Mine has performed dutifully for over a year now.
Happy PDF Printing!


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