the va creeper trail took its toll on Daylia

We went away this weekend to the VA creeper trail. Our friends ride it every year, and make the trip to see the beautiful changing of leaves up there. It is only about 3 hours away from Greenville surprisingly, and we went up there Friday afternoon after the lawn was mowed.

Saturday morning we got up early to make the 17 mile climb up the old railroad bed, to meet our group (who had planned ahead much better than us) who had paid for the shuttle to the top, and would be at the summit at 9:30.

We didn't make it on time.

The climb was much longer than we expected, and pulling the two girls gets quite wearisome. We made it by 10:00 however, and they had old just then decided to go on without us. So, what took 2 hours to climb up, took about 4 hours to come down. It was beautiful!

If you ever get a chance to go up and try it, you should! Maybe you can come with us next year!


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