Last chance to debate... about the election in just 2 days!

Wil Martin has a similar discussion open on his blog, so I thought it might me a good opportunity for you to add to the noise...

Other than the personal attacks what Wil has described as "McCain is too old," and "Obama is a terrorist" where do you see the candidates?

I'll start...

Obama positives

1 end the war

2 fix health care

3 revive the middle/lower class through raising the minimum wage

4 bring young new voters into the mix

5 fix the world's problems through diplomacy

6 reform education and make it affordable

7 claims to be a born again Christian

Mccain positives

1 pro-life

2 push border security

3 give tax refund checks to boost economy

4 cut gov spending

5 build our use of nuclear power

6 be respected as commander in chief of military

7 claims to be a man of faith

Let's have a discussion...


  1. Why not Obama. End the war? Isn't it about over anyway. Aren't we winning due to the surge? Isn't our national security the one thing our government really should do? How about Obama's voting against 'health care' for babies who made it through a botched abortion?
    Why McCain: How about a government that supports the growth of businesses in order to grow jobs. Businesses don't pay taxes, people do through higher prices. How about ending the nanny state that has been developing ever since the New Deal? How about a president that would end a tax that is due after you are DEAD? McCain isn't my first choice, but as a Christian, a Conservative, and a businessman, he is the only choice. Oh, and I like the veep alot!

  2. How do you fix the best health care system the world has ever known?