Buffalo Bills break my heart... again

I have been a Buffalo Bills fan for as long as I can remember. Part of this fan-hood comes the responsibly of watching them lose... a lot.

Today JP Losman single-handedly dashed even any hopes of mathematical phenomenon-ish scenario that would get the Bills into the playoffs. Leading 27-24 with less than 3 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, Losman fumbled the ball on a 2nd down and short play. Running back Marshawn Lynch has 127 yard rushing on the day mind you, and Losman is the sloppy backup quarterback to Trent Edwards, who is still out with a groin injury.

After Losman fumbled the ball, a NY Jets defender rumbled down the sideline for a go ahead touchdown. Now the score is 31-27 NY, and the Bills have the ball with 2 minutes to go. Again, I should have based my cheering upon the failures of the past, but I still rooted for my boys, hoping they could march down the field.

They didn't.

Losman threw an interception a few plays later, sealing the deal.

Or did he?

The Jets were unable to get a first down, so with less than 30 seconds on the clock They still have a chance to heave into the end zone right? Losman is a terrible quarterback, but he has a rocket for an arm right? If anyone could get the hail-mary pass he might!

He didn't.

To his credit, the ball did get to the end zone, but the Buffalo receivers were completely apathetic to the whole situation.

Bills lose... what else is there to say?

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  1. And I give YOU credit...you stuck with them 3 weeks longer than I did.

    There's always next year...