Fantasy Football 08 - Superbowl

Well, there ya have it. I won this year. For those of you interested in playing next year here was my strategy.

1. Pick up as many RBs as possible, they score the most points and have the best trade value
2. Don't worry about bye weeks. The personnel can be changed if necessary. The draft is not the time to worry about it.
3. Good fantasy QBs are not always actual good QBs. Good fantasy QBs have to throw a ton at the end of a game to get back into it. Bad teams have good fantasy QBs. Good actual QBs hand off the ball a lot.
4. Draft Kickers and Defense in the last 2 rounds. Even the best ones only score single digits each week. Great RBs and QBs score 20 points per week.
5. Check the bye weeks and IR lists. People lose fantasy football every week because they started a guy who was at home eating popcorn.

This puts me at a 55% win percentage, over the last 3 years. If I can just get better at the march madness tourney pick-em my percentage would be much better.

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