Simply having a wonderful Christmastime? Yes you can! Tommy preached about simple plans,moments, and decisions at our Christmas Eve service last night. We tried to take the challenge. Although we we up late helping Santa last night, today has been a wonderfully simple Christmas. We left our computers at the church because we will be away this sunday, and they need them to run media for the Ridgekidz service as well as the adult worship service. The TV has been off, and even the stereo has been silent today. Any blog posts will be updated this week via cell phone. It has been great. It is now about 4pm, and we about to head out for Christmas number 2. But up till now the day has been very slow, quiet an uneventful. It was been one of the best Christmases ever. Granted, the rest of the week will be total chaos, but not today. Could you do it too if you wanted to?


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