Eating Japanese Food

Erin and went out on a date night last night to celebrate our 7th anniversary. We went out to a Japanese Steakhouse, then went over to see "Marley and Me." It was a great night.

We have eaten Japanese before, but this was a little different. We were sat at a table with 4 Japanese men, who were obviously here from Japan on a business trip. Our chef was obviously intimidated by these guys, and didn't say anything at all to them. He spoke very good English to Erin and I, but any time these men addressed him, he seemed to clam up. Also, when one of them asked him some questions about the menu in Japanese, the chef obviously could not understand him any better than I could. None of these guys ordered Chicken and Shrimp, or Chicken and Steak either. they ordered Lobster tail, and Fillet Mignon each listen in our menu at $38 individually. Erin leaned over and asked me at one point how these guys could possible be so skinny! It must be that having all this meat mixed in with the rice is quite a treat for them.

I think they enjoyed themselves as much as we did however. I didn't hear any of them ask for an additional fish head, duck tongue, or squid. They seemed to like the American way of eating it.

So do I!


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