Some Like it Hot... Some Like it Cold...

For everyone's safety, I chose not to document the following event by video. You will just have to use your imagination.

So this morning I turned the water on for my shower, and let it warm up like I do every morning before I hopped in. What I did not realize, is that my girls had taken a bath last night, and one of them flipped the lever back, so that the tub would fill with water. What I ended up with was an incredibly weird sensation.

My head and chest were toasty warm, and my ankles and toes were icy cold... all at the same time! Have you ever experienced this? Then, because the shower was running, when I switched the lever to let the water run out it took much longer than usual with the additional water coming in from above. The whole experience was quite unpleasant.

It reminded me of spending time with Matt and Lydia a couple years back. Matt worked as an personal assistant to a very wealthy man, Mr Barnes, nights an weekends while going through college. One of the perks of this job was that they lived in an apartment in this guy's mansion.

In the spa (in the house of course), there was a very large jacuzzi/hot tub, a sauna, and this ice-cold-waterfall-thing. For some reason, we were "supposed" to go from both the sauna or the hot tub directly into this ice-shower for 30 seconds. Apparently this shocks your pores or something, and is healthy for you....

I'd rather be warm and unhealthy.


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