Things to catch you up on in 2009

1. Hazyl did not break her arm, it only came out of prob.
2. I still love the Buffalo Bills
3. I do not intend to find out what sex our June 4th baby will be... don't try to talk me into it
4. I can snowboard... but I will still refer to myself as a skier
5. My daughter knows the difference between transparent and opaque... she will tell you so
6. I want to write some original music this year
7. I might get worked out of a worship leader job if Jenny continues to do so well the weeks I am out
8. I am pumped about getting to see Obama inaugurated. What a momentous day.
9. We will also be visiting Bob Inglis in Washington... I will still be a bit nervous talking to him again.
10. I am looking for some men to join me in an accountability group called an LTG... anyone interested?


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