Where's Milo? I am in this crowd somewhere!

This post is in response Jeremy's Post, also entitled Where's Milo?

He found the Inaugural Where's Waldo game on the Swampland Time Magazine blog. A photographer named David Bergman took a massive high quality photograph at the inauguration and although it looks like just a huge crowd, you are able to zoom in to the extent that you can see most of the faces in the crowd clearly. Amazing. So here's something to keep you busy for awhile.

To find myself, I had to look for landmarks I remembered seeing around me. Turns out, the only thing I could remember was this tall dude with a white and red hat on. And, when you look at the picture, thatis pretty much all you see there as well. I have on a grey jacket with the hood up, and Erin has a white jacket on with the hood up as well.

See if you can you find:
Barack Obama
Dick Cheney
Sean P. Diddy Combs
Bill and Hillary Clinton
Beyonce Knowles
Bob Inglis

Are you in the picture?


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