Java and Me

Java and Me...kinda like Marley and Me, only not as original. Here are some highlights-

Thursday. Got home from release time last week to find out Java had gotten out of the inground fence. Spent 20 minutes looking for her when she 'appeared' in the back yard.
Friday. Went to Target to buy some more toys for Java so she will want to be around instead of running away. Decided to buy a new leash while we were there, beacuse she ate through the last one.
Saturday. Watched Hazyl try to practice 'walking' Java around the house. This works for a while until Java gets tired of the game. and drags Hazyl's footsie pajamas across the hardwood floors.
Sunday. Let Java out to do her business , but she keeps coming back to the door because it is so cold. She has yet to go pea.
Monday. Tried to find all the new chew toys we bought Javaon Friday. They no longer exist.
Tuesday. Forgot to lock the door on Java's crate when we went to bed last night. Thought she broke out.
Wedensday. Uneventful


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