Doing some cycling laps at Cleveland Park

Yesterday, Erin had a doctors appointment at 10:00. Rather than stay at home with the girls, I decided to go over to Cleveland Park and do a few laps. There is a number large trail system that that intersects with this park, called the swamp rabbit trail. It is one of the coolest new things built over the last few years by the City of Greenville.

I did not however, want to ride the swamp rabbit trail. This trail is for novices and hobbyist, which of course I don't consider myself, (I definitely should!) instead I wanted to try the Cleveland Park loop. This is a 2.5 mile lap that all the "serious" cyclists that work in the downtown area come and ride over their lunch break.

I pulled the girls around in their double trailer, and really got an incredible workout. Granted, I got some crazy looks, (something I am growing more accustomed to when riding with the girls) for riding in full gear while towing them along, but also received a great deal of props from the other guys as I climbed the hill with them.

I had a blast! I did 15 miles in about an hour of ride time, but I did have to stop at the zoo once for a potty break, and stop one other time to pass out raisin boxes to my passengers to quiet them for another 5 miles. Total actual time was more like 1:20. All told, I didn't think it was that great of a workout, but my legs are most definitely feeling it again! Look out for me to be there again some Friday morning. I will be the one pulling what looks like a golf cart. You can't miss me!


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