Face to Face Customer Service

My friends joke with me that I have a "guy" for every business need. Michael fixes my computer. Tim is my mechanic. Rhonda is my screen printer. Bob is my Congressman. Ross does my hardwood floors. Ryan does concrete work. Aaron does my graphic design work. Charlotte knows what I want at Panera. John knows we come in for "Kids eat free" days at Firehouse Subs. Corey knows I love Moe Mondays.

Do you know what? Every one of these people remembers my name when I see them. That makes me feel pretty good!

I really enjoy being able to talk to someone in person about my particular problem, and/or need. However, if I have not met someone, I am often more likely to shoot them an email to ask them a question, then I am to go to their office in person.

Why do you think that is? I find that I am usually treated better in person. I think I treat people better when I talk to them in person. Yet, somewhere in this age of technology we are skipping one of the most important parts of relationships, personal and business.

Human interaction.


And, what does this say about how we do ministry?


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