A cold ride in the rain

I decided to ride home today from my inlaws in Salem, SC over to my house in Greer, SC. This is around a 55-60 mile ride, which is tough normally, but today it was 39degrees and raining.

Why not skip the ride then? I am preparing to ride in the Mt Mitchell race later this spring. I needed to get some miles in. I decided to leave 1 hr before my family did, so they could pick me up if I had trouble.

10 mi - feel good, but notice rain water pooling in my shoes
20 mi - feel miserable, looking for Erin to rescue me
30 mi - stopped to get water in Clevelland, SC. I have sent Erin on against my better judgement. She has gone past me at this point.
40 mi - reached North Greenville College . feeling better at this point because I know the roads from riding them previously. Home is in reach.
50 mi - come up on Rock's at Lake Robinson. In a ton of pain. toes and fingers are numb. Not sure why these last 5 miles are killing me.
57 mi - arive at home. thank you Lord! Hot soup and hot shower!

1 comment:

  1. That seems ridiculous, but I'm proud of you, I'm glad you finished. Sounds like you probably need a cold whirlpool, some aleve, and certainly a days rest.