Ridgeview Set List - 3/1/09

Amazing God - Brenton Brown
Awake My Soul - Milo Wilson, Cole Dunster, Jenny Dunster, Jennifer White,
Josh Stovall, Matt Cantrel
All Things New - Andrew Peterson
Revive Us Again - Michael Weaver
Jesus Messiah - Chris Tomlin

This week's set list was different, because every song in the service was brand spanking new. I had never done this prior to this week. I won't do it to our congregation again anytime soon. Why do this?

Sometimes, people sing the same songs week after week and forget to read and comprehend the words they are singing. When the songs are new, people tend to read and self-evaluate the lyrics as they go. I would not recommend doing this on a regular basis, because it creates a tough learning curve for the worship band before the service, as well as for the congregation during worship.

This week however, it was our goal to focus the attention on the lyrics, rather than comfort-ability. We wanted people to see the correlation between what we are singing, and what Tommy is preaching. In this goal, I believe we were very effective.


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